Jellyfin display is different between PC and TV

Hello, I have been using Jellyfin for a short time and do not know all of its possibilities. Having no Jellyfin application on my LG TV 55SM9800 (Webos 4.7.1-50509) I use the web browser to connect to the Jellyfin server running on my PC. It works wonderfully but the display I get on my TV differs from that on my PC. I do not understand why. For example, when you click on a movie poster, the synopsis does not appear on TV while it is visible on the PC. To access it on TV, you have to edit the metadata which is not very practical. Is there a way to get the same display on TV as on my PC? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

In the User Profile settings (the person icon at the top right), there are Display options. It usually auto-detects what to use. The TV layout is a work in progress. I would probably recommend to continue using it as it should make navigation easier, but you can try the others and see how it works for you. “Desktop” would be the PC one.

There is progress on a webOS app for the future.

Thank you for your reply. You are right, setting the display on TV is what makes navigation on the TV the easiest, much better than the desktop setting. But my problem is not at this level there but well on the content which is displayed on the screen. The information displayed for a film on TV is different from that displayed on my PC and in particular the synopsis is absent on TV. Is there a file that configures what is displayed on each type of display (desktop, mobile / tablet, TV)? If yes, can we edit it?

I’m not sure what file in particular does this. You’d probably be editing a bunch of HTML and Javascript in the web client to do it. If you don’t mind joining chat, you can ask our web team: