Jellyfin docker running but cant connect to port


I am running docker on OMV, and currently I have jellyfin installed to portainer. I just don’t get why I can’t connect to port.

I’m not familiar with portainer, but to access the contents of a docker container from the outside network you need to have some ports allowed. When using base docker, this can be done by either using something like docker run -p 8096:8096 .... to only allow a given port or a docker run --net=host .... to allow full networking access. Most likely there’s a checkbox or config option somewhere to configure these options on portainer

I am not that experienced with portainer. I am not trying to access outside the network, I cant connect to any of the ports on the internal network.

Docker has it’s own internal network that you can’t access without opening a port or using host networking mode. You have to tell it to forward a port from the container to the docker host itself, otherwise only other docker containers can access what’s running.