Jellyfin Fits the Bill - Thank You!

Admittedly, I never watch movies or TV. Never. My free time is spent in the garage, doing restorations, or in my workshop doing electronics projects. So why am I on a Jellyfin forum?

I’ve long wanted to convert my horde of VHS home movies to digital so I could give them to my adult children. My wife mentioned to me that nobody wants DVDs, however, so I needed to consider a streaming solution. After trying a few options, I found Jellyfin.

Jellyfin is the platform I’ve been searching for to host my family’s home movies, starting with my grandfather’s first 8mm movie in 1955, through the present day. I’ve created separate libraries for my own home movies (1985-present), my grandfather’s (taken 1955-1980), and my great-uncle’s collection (taken 1958-1978). Furthermore, the movies taken with my smart phone now have a place to live. I run Jellyfin on a Linux virtual machine and simply back-up the entire VM, making restoration easier if ever needed.

Thanks to all that have contributed their time to the Jellyfin project. Your efforts are truly appreciated.


Thanks @ByTheLake! This is a unique use case that I don’t think we ever anticipated. I’ll make sure the other contributors see it :smile: