Jellyfin MrMC multiple profiles issue

Anyone here using Mr.MC connected to Jellyfin with multiple profiles? Having issues with Kodi on FireTV Cube 2019 and Audio sync, MrMC plays same files without issue, so trying to get family setup there.

After some testing with my main account using Emby service / local sign in to my Jellyfin server everything working great I decided to setup wife and kid profiles on MrMC. This is where I ran into some trouble, it would seem that perhaps Emby service is not separate across MrMC profiles?

I made 2 fresh profiles for wife and kid beside my setup working master profile. But when I load their profiles to sign into there unique Jellyfin libraries the Emby service says its already signed in (presume my master account on other profile) but no library is populated TV or movies.

If I click sign out and login to there Jellyfin libraries they load fine, but when I return to master profile all libraries are blank and I have to dig down to services settings and login again. This repeats every time a user logs into there MrMC profile if any other user has used MrMC since their last login. Its like Emby local / manual sign in only supports 1 user profile at a time on MrMC? Not very WAF and kid friendly.

Anyone found a solution or ran into this issue? Part of this is a copy paste from MrMC forums where I asked yesterday, just trying to fish for info here as well, link to other post below and only similar issue I could find on Google searching. Must be user error I can’t be the only family trying to setup separate accounts / Libraries on MrMC with Jellyfin…

Same Question at MrMC forums

Someone with same issue using Emby server

Not sure where the problem is coming from, as far as I was aware kodi profiles should be seperate from one another though I’m not sure how it’d go for the addon since I’m not sure it has any way to differentiate between different users in Kodi

In our testing, we’ve only ever gone as far as one account with MrMC. The question is then best answered by them, as they make the software :slight_smile: