Jellyfin not starting properly on Synology nas


I have Jellyfin installed as a Docker container in Synology DSM 6.2. I have the NAS on a schedule to turn on at 9am and off at 10pm. If the Jellyfin container is running when the server shuts down, it seems to restart again when the server starts up (I have the restart policy for Jelllyfin set to ALWAYS). However, I find that I can’t connect to Jellyfin from the network. If I open DSM and restart the Jellyfin container, then I can access it from a network connection.

I’m trying to find out why Jellyfin is starting when the NAS starts but won’t let me connect. It seems that if the Jellyfin container is running it should allow me to connect without having to manually restart it. Am I missing something about how to get Jellyfin to start when the NAS boots in the morning? Thanks.


I had problems with that too …

I stopped using restart=always and simply run a cron job every 60 seconds!

#My docker renamed to JellyFin
docker start JellyFin || docker start --name JellyFin -d JellyFin

This has the added ability of auto starting the docker if it stops for any reason!!

Let me know if that works for you.




Thanks for your input. What I decided to try was to add a scheduled user script to restart the Jellyfin container 5 minutes after the NAS reboots. So far this seems to work. But I’d still like to understand why the Jellyfin container is running but not accepting connections.



I was wondering if you could advise me on the procedure you use to update your JellyFin container to reflect the latest image release. I’m not quite sure how to use the Synology Docker interface to update JellyFin and I’d like to avoid screwing things up. I did some searching for a simple tool to do this - and I found apps called WatchTower and Portainer, but they seemed like overkill for what I needed. If you have another tool to recommend for updating containers I’d appreciate hearing about it. Thanks.


Updates don’t really happen that often and I like to let others test before I update in case there some unexpected surprises.

Manual update works for me!!