Jellyfin on 4k Fire Stick Crashing

Hi I’m having crashing issues with the latest build of Jellyfin on my 4k Fire Stick. Everything seems fine until 5-10 mins into any video playback the app crashes and returns to homescreen. I’ve tried fresh installs and clearing cache and data and just about anything else I can think of but I’m having no luck. Also none of this seems to be a problem while running the jellyfin for kodi plugin I’d just rather use the native client. It doesn’t seem to be a common issue so hoping someone can offer me some help. I bought my fire stick specifically for jellyfin so really hoping I can get it running without any problems. Thanks for any help.

Hey there, just to be clear, if you don’t play any media, does it still let you browse without crashes?

Yes browsing works fine and I’ve also had no problem playing a couple videos formatted the same way as those that are giving me trouble. I even went as far as installing the Amazon release of Jellyfin on my phone to make sure there wasnt something up with the server or maybe my network. From my phone I had no trouble at all playing a video that crashes on the 4k Fire Stick every time so not sure what my problem there is. Thanks for any help.

Gonna have to tag @thornbill here, I’m not sure (and I don’t have a Fire Stick 4K to test with). That said, we are releasing a new version (hopefully) soon that will have crash reporting for cases like this.

Okay thanks hopefully @thornbill can maybe offer me some help then.

I’m afraid I’m not aware of any issues on the 4K Fire Stick. It is one of the primary devices I use to watch content on Jellyfin. There was an issue where playing transcoded content was broken a couple releases ago, but that is fixed in the latest release.

Does the crash only happen on particular video files?

It seems like it but the same videos on the same server on the same network run fine on the same Amazon release of Jellyfin on my phone so not sure what could be the issue but seems to be unique to the Firestick

If you can identify a particular video or audio format that seems to cause the issue, that would help us investigate more.

The Android TV app used on Fire TV devices is a completely different implementation from the Android mobile or web clients, and it definitely has its own unique issues. :smile:

Everything is encoded in HEVC video format and AAC audio, as well as the videos that have played with no issue. I meant that I downloaded the Amazon release of the android TV Jellyfin apk from the official repo and used it on my phone to see if it would give me problems there but everything worked fine

We might have figured something out. Do you have subtitles on?

Also, there are a bunch of changes coming with the next release, so this might not be an issue soon.

So I tried playing a couple of the videos that had been giving me trouble with and without subtitles and still having the same issues.

Hi, same problem here after 5-10 mins into any video playback the app crashes and returns to homescreen.

Some informations :

Fire TV 4K / AndroidTV 0.11.3
Codec MPEG-H Part2/HEVC (H.265) (hvc1)
ITU-R BT.709

MPEC AAC Audio (mp4a)
480000 Hz
32 bits

I can share the video file if it can help.

Lol dont expect any solution, prob just have to wait for updates…I’ve been still having the same problem.

We’re not sure what’s causing it to be honest. We’re not getting any internal crash reports as far as I know, which is hard.

Before playing back again, try turning on the optional crash reporter in the settings, that way the dev team can get some reports to help them.