Jellyfin Server for macOS - Now Available

Hey all,
I now have a working version of a Jellyfin Server for macOS.

There are some crucial instructions, so please read the release note!

Server starts!! Looking forward to playing with it!

Yes ! Server starts on macOS 10.14.6.
I started to do some quick tests on movies and music and it looks like it works very nicely.
I’m going to test it deeper.

Thanks for the huge work !

Things looking great here so far too!
You have done well Anthony! I love the layout, just a couple of questions,

Is there a way to reorder media on the home screen?
I’m using Jellyfin for Android tv as my client and macOS Catalina as server.

Is videotoolbox a coming feature for transcode on macOS?


Video Toolbox will be hopefully implemented in the next server release. I’m working on it.

To re-order, do you mean the individual sections, or the media in those sections? A lot of it is in the Web interface, under user settings. Click the User icon in the top right, and then “Home”. Those settings, once saved, should be read by the Android TV app.

Thanks Anthony, I’ll have look at that. Would you prefer I use this forum or reddit for stuff with Jellyfin?

Either really. I’m on both now.

The server wrapper is improved yet again!
It will now make the missing cache folder if it doesn’t already exist. No terminal required.

It works now. Thank you!