Jellyfin support in EmbyStat

Hi everyone,

I’m the developer behind EmbyStat, standalone statistics server for Emby and I want to include Jellyfin support as well in the early development. That’s why I’m creating this topic. (@moderators, if this is not the correct location for this topic, feel free to move it)

More info about the project can be found here:

Currently, the server is in early beta phase and it’s not working for Jellyfin (the ping API returns a different result the Emby. But I was wondering if there is a lot of interest from this community to develop Jellyfin support in EmbyStat. At this moment, only very basic statistics work (movie and series stats), the user stats are broken for the moment.



Hi @reggi :wave:

We’ve heard from quite a few people that this would be useful to them. We’re happy to help with anything you might support on for integration.

We’re also quite active on our Matrix chats if you need any quick info: