Jellyfin & WebOS


Hi all! I just found Jellyfin today, installed it (was like a charm) and enjoyed it. It’s way better thean emby (and Plex).

But: I can’t connect my client on my LGTV (WebOS) to jellyfin. Okay, I assume the emby client will not allow me to. The “screenplay” App sucks hell and did not work. It lags, stutters, do not play MKV, and so on.

Any help? Am I just dumb or is there no client for WebOS? What is the sense of a server, if there is no client?


Okay, helped myself.


Sorry about that :slightly_frowning_face:

We’re trying our best, but as a community of volunteers, we depend on people helping out to make all parts of it a reality.

My understanding is that LG Apps consist of HTML, and they can only use the <video> tag to show any content. I do not have an LG TV myself, but one of the other core team does (@JustAMan). From what I’ve heard, ScreenPlay tends to run faster than the official Emby app, though everyone’s experience may vary. I know that ScreenPlay was designed to have the smallest amount of overhead possible, so that it should work better.

We have plans to fork the ScreenPlay app and bring it in line, but as mentioned in that issue you linked, there’s some license concerns before we do so. We would have loved to work from the Emby app, but it was never open source.


Thanks a lot for your reply and explanation! Then I’ll wait!