JF Cast from iPhone to Apple TV

Hi guys,

I love JF it rocks, but I have to use my laptop with chrome to cast videos to google chrome cast usb stick on my TV. I cannot cast from iphone JF app or from the browser to chrome cast.

Can anyone tell me if casting will work from iphone via apple tv to my tv? If this way is working I would by an Apple TV.

May be there is another possibiliy I am not thinking of.

Thanks and best regards,


Buy a cheap Android TV box (the cheapest are about $30, much cheaper than Apple TV) and install the Jellyfin for Android TV app - and you’ll never need to worry about “casting” again!

The iPhone app currently cannot cast to a Chrome Cast/Google Cast. This is a limitation in the way it’s built.

Using AirPlay to a supported TV/Apple TV is an option, when you’re using an iPhone/iPad or a Mac, but this has certain limitations (subtitles aren’t working at the moment, among other things).

Like @Cognicom said, another option may be getting a low cost Android TV device.