Kodi Sync Queue installation /JellyFin on Synology Docker

Hi all,

i am running into issues installing the latest Kodi Syn Queue plugin ( for Jellyfin (running on Docker/Synology). As soo as i try to install it using the GUI the installation will never end and the logs are filled with the following entry:

[2021-01-12 14:47:19.071 +00:00] [ERR] [12] Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpServer.HttpListenerHost: Error processing request. URL: “ Sync Queue?AssemblyGuid=771e19d6-5385-4caf-b35c-28a0e865cf63&version=”
MediaBrowser.Common.Extensions.ResourceNotFoundException: Package not found: Kodi Sync Queue
at MediaBrowser.Api.PackageService.Post(InstallPackage request)

Can anybody help me to sort this out ?

Best Regards and thanks in advance

Install one version older than the latest release ( in this case).

Short version: The latest version of each official plugin has been built for the upcoming 10.7 release. We didn’t realize until afterwards that 10.6.x has a bug in the filtering of available versions and is including things it can’t install.

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Aaaaah perfect! Thats it. Thanks very much :slight_smile: