Locked out of Admin account

What version of Jellyfin you are using = 10.6.4
How did you install Jellyfin (Linux, macOS, Windows, Docker, etc.) = Unraid Docker binhex

So I entered my pin wrong a few times last night and locked myself out of my 1 and only Admin account, yes I feel foolish.

Found this post and gather that I need to edit jellyfin.db with a SQlite editor.

I grabbed sqlitebrowser backed up the db file and opened but I know zero about SQlite and not as easy as editing an .ini or .xml.

Could anyone explain how to best accomplish this, as password reset tool does not unlock admin account my only option is wipe and re-setup family of accounts or learn how and what to edit in jellyfin.db :confused:

Most likely your best bet is going to be to edit the system.xml file in the config directory. Stop Jellyfin, edit the file, change <IsStartupWizardCompleted>true</IsStartupWizardCompleted> to false, start the server. It should send you back through the initial wizard again. All you should have to do is create a new admin user. Don’t re-use your old name. Then you can use your new admin account to re-activate your old one. If you don’t want extra accounts hanging around once you get your old account back you can delete the new one.

Now that sounds like a much easier plan of attack.

Thank-You so much for taking the time to reply, will try as soon as back home :slight_smile:

So @mcarlton00 I just tried this and had an odd result.

So I stopped Jellyfin docker and edited system.xml changing <IsStartupWizardCompleted>true</IsStartupWizardCompleted> to false.

Restarted JF docker and opened webUI and was greeted with startup wizard.

Odd thing I didn’t over think at the time was name field in wizard was pre populated with existing wife’s account name. Deleted name and entered a new unique user name “Admin” and a password.

Finished wizard and was greeted with login screen, sons account and guest account there my locked account still hidden of course, but wife’s account was gone replaced with this “new” Admin account I had just made in wizard, upon logging in to “new” account it was displaying wife’s library and watched history and has no admin rights.

So somehow the wizard creation account overwrote or rather renamed wife’s user account and has no admin ability to manage server, what did I do wrong?

Apparently that trick is less reliable than I thought. That’s unfortunate. In that case, we will have to go through the database. I’m using CLI tools, so it may vary slightly when using a GUI, but this should give you a good idea.

First you need to find the user ID of your admin user:

sqlite> select Id from Users where Username = 'your_admin_username';

Then you need to flip the disabled flag in the permissions for that user:

Update Permissions set Value = 0 where Kind = 2 and Permission_Permissions_Guid = '3E86786B-EE9E-4831-A98C-DFD1E8BACFC6';

After that you should be able to log in as your main admin user again and fix anything else.

Thank-You @mcarlton00 that post gave me the pointers to fumble through DB Browser for SQLite GUI and figure it out, all sorted now with a backup hidden admin account lol

For anyone as clueless in SQlite / CLI as I am I will quickly show how I made it work with a SQlite GUI tool, not saying I did it correctly or in the easiest method but its working so…

Stopped my Jellyfin docker and backed up my jellyfin.db file at jellyfin\data\data

Grabbed zipped non install version of DB Browser for SQLite from here

Unzipped and ran “DB Browser for SQLite.exe” and selected “Open Database (open an existing database file)” button then browsed to the jellyfin.db file at jellyfin\data\data of my jelly fin install.

Then I clicked on the “Execute SQL” tab and in tab labeled “SQL 1” entered

select Id from Users where Username = 'your_admin_username';

changing ‘your_admin_username’ text to your Jellyfin username. Then with line highlighted clicked “Execute Current Line” or Shift+F5

In the box below an ID string will pop up similar to below codebox labelled ID, note this string as it will get added to next command.


Returned to “SQL 1” tab from before and at line #2 I entered

Update Permissions set Value = 0 where Kind = 2 and Permission_Permissions_Guid = '7C62F8DF-8453-45E2-BA63-A32EF13B2927';

Remember to insert ID string matching your profile you found first step in place of one in above codebox. Then click the “Execute Current Line” button or Shift+F5 with line #2 selected.

Finally click on the “Write Changes (write changes to database)” button, then “Close Database (close the current database file)”

Now you should be able to start Jellyfin and sign in. Refer to @mcarlton00 above post if you have the CLI tools / skills though likely wouldn’t be needing this to start with lol.

Myself since I had attempted a password reset I had to spawn and fresh reset pin code for my initial sign in and then correct my password and pin in profile settings.

I’ve been attempting to reset the admin password on a docker instance of jellyfin for a few days now. Getting extremely frustrated with the whole ridiculous process. Pin doesn’t work, etc. At this point it looks like I’m going have to reinstall. All this from just trying to install the Kodi add on. What a PIA.