Lots of odd issues

I’ve been away from both Jellyfin and Plex for a few months. When I loaded both Plex did it’s update and all was fine, Jellyfin not so much. My intention was to dump Plex for Jellyfin but now I"m questioning it.

If I open the dashboard I cannot access a number of the sections - General. Playback, DLNA, Live TV, DVR and Scheduled tasks are all unavailable. Looked at the log and it has lots of error s showing. I’m tempted to uninstall and reinstall but do not want to created the channel guide all over again as it was a challenge. I also had a recording scheduled from last fall and it has not recorded lately.

Running Mint 19.3 and Version 10.5.0

10.5.0 is not released, that’s the currently in development nightly and it is VERY much not stable right now. 10.4.3 is the currently released version, and that’s what I’d recommend you’d try.

The reason you wouldn’t have seen those pages is because the web interface is going through a restructuring right now. :slight_smile:

Ah, got it. I’ll grab an eariler version and give that a try. Interetinly the sched recording that did not run for months started recording again.

Any tips on rolling back? Can’t seem to get my system to install an eralier version.

Sorry I missed this - how did you install? Was it from the repos themselves or are you using Docker?