Modifying accepted local artwork naming convention

Hi, is there a way to configure movie’s local artwork naming convention ? Like changing the suffix that would get recognized or the priority of which suffix name have over another ? Ie. Kodi can configured this via advancedsettings.xml file. If that isn’t available right now, are there plans for it in the future ? Lasly, how hard would it to make a jellyfin pluggin or modifications that accomplish this ? I was a cs minor in college but have not practice it for a long time. Back in the days they taught us Java, c++.

Thank you much, great program. Better then emby in my opinion

Sorry, last question, I noticed the filter for genre act like logical OR rather then a AND. I understand this is done on purpose and makes sense. But it would be nice to have the option to have both (like in Plex)
Action AND comedy : Austin Powers
Action OR comedy : Austin Powers, Aliens, Blade

Thank you for your work.