Movie Alpha Listings

Hi. I have Jellyfin 10.6.4 running on windows 10 at the moment. Testing and setup before deploying into my server setup.

Liking what I see so far. Just one annoying issue though.
How can I stop movies starting with the word “The” from listing all over the place instead of in alpha order?

Also I have found that a movie starting with the letter “A” is not listed alphabetically either…
Example is the movie “A bugs life” is listed under “B” for bugs life not “A”.

Any help to rearrange this will be greatly appreciated.


No one has any ideas??

I don’t think there’s an option to turn that off. Most alpha pickers purposefully ignore the “common” words like ‘a’ and ‘the’. For example, I have no interest in scrolling through 100 movies starting with “The” before finding what I want.

You may be able to edit each movie that you want sorted in a different location and change the “Sort title”. I’m positive if that will work or not

Thanks for the input. I get the not wanting to scroll through lots of “a” or “the” listings. I have a DVD/Movie database and this is how it works so I am use to it.

I have worked out how to do it now though. Very simple really.

Yes the “Sort Title” worked a treat.