Movie "extras" not working - how can I access them


I do have movies and its extras - e.g. a making of. After googling I found a thread telling me that this format would work:

/moviename (date)
-> moviename (date).ext
-> /extras
–> something.ext`

I tried it, but I dont see the extras anywhere. an somebody share some insights how to structure the files for being able to use extras?

Thanks, André

@anthonylavado: Anthony, I saw you mentioning in one forum thread that you are using extras in your setup. Can you point me to my mistake? Any help is welcome…

I’m actually not using extras at the moment, but I’ll make up some fake files to try and simulate this. I’ll let you know.

Any update? I couldnt get it working until now. I bet it is a user error, but I am stuck… Thanks!

Silly me - I forgot to check our own Known Issues list. Extras are broken in 10.5, and are fixed in 10.6.

Hopefully it won’t be much longer until we release! The folder setup you have looks to be correct.

Thanks a lot!!! This is great news!