Music Tracks with their own individual Cover Image

Server Version: 10.6.4
Operating System: Windows
Architecture: X64


I’m looking at options to replace Google Play Music for hosting my audiobook collection.

Because I have A-LOT of audio books, each book is a single file/track, and grouped together into albums.

I’ve organised them in folders -and- set up the id3 tags, with folder.jpg files in each album’s folder… About half of the files have their own embedded image as well (Front Cover), which is very useful where an “album” consists of dozens of tracks. But this gives weird behaviour in Jellyfin…

 - Author                     [Stored in both Artist and AlbumArtist tags]
    - Series                  [Stored in the Album tag]
       - BookTitle.mp3        [Stored in the TrackName tag]

  • Tracks with no image “inherit” the album’s folder.jpg, which is what I want
  • But all files that DO have embedded images, don’t appear with their own image
  • Instead all tracks with an embedded image share the same image
  • That image seems to be randomly chosen from the embedded images available in the album

So, if I have an Album with 5 tracks, I have a file structure as follows…

- folder.jpg
- track1.mp3
- track2.mp3   (This file also has an embedded Front Cover image)
- track3.mp3
- track4.mp3   (This file also has an embedded Front Cover image)
- track5.mp3

When I browse the library by Album, each Album shows up with the Album’s folder.jpg

When I browse the library by Song, Tracks 1, 3, 5 all use the Album’s folder.jpg.

Tracks 2 and 4, however, don’t use the folder.jpg, instead using the same image as each other.

  • Usually, but not always, both tracks show up with the image from the “first” track that has an embedded image.
  • So when I play Track 4 in the example above, I see the image from Tack 2

Such that…

track1.mp3                             [Shows up with folder.jpg]
track2.mp3   (Has an embedded image)   [Shows up with it's own embedded image]
track3.mp3                             [Shows up with folder.jpg]
track4.mp3   (Has an embedded image)   [Shows up with Track2's embedded image]
track5.mp3                             [Shows up with folder.jpg]

Is that intended, known, something I’ve done wrong? And/or how can I make each track actually use it’s own embedded image, rather than being assigned a random image from one of the other tracks in the album?

(I’ve turned off all the “metadata downloaders”, other than the Audio Image Extractor which I kept on…)