n0tFlix plugin repository

Hello to all the jellyfin users :wave:

while learning about the jellyfin plugin possibilities ive gotten some new(some new some ported from emby) plugins up and running and i have a feeling more will come in the future so i set up a plugin repository to keep them all in one place and i hope theres something here people can use

The repository manifest can be found here

The source code for all of the plugins can be found on my github account here

Currently the available plugins are
TubiTV, this one brings you the content available at https://tubitv.com/home
Youtube, this one i recomend to compile yourself to get the videos you want right now, going to add some settings later to make it more usable for everybody
Redtube, Watch youre porn directly in jellyfin
NRK tv, this one is for all my fellow norwegian jellyfin users and brings you all the content from tv.nrk.no/

Subtitle Downloaders
Podnapisi, working
Subscene, working
TheSubDB, not working, but a fix is coming asap
SubDivX, needs testing
Addic7ed, needs testing
Napisub, Seems like its working but i would love some feedback

If anybody ends up testing some plugins i would love to get some feedback to know that everything is working the way its suposed to

Also if anybody out there can help me figure out if there is a way can use the search function in the web interface so when somebody tries to search from within any of my channels i would LOVE to get some feedback because this would make for a much better intergation possibility for channels that bring multimedia from other sources like youtube, netflix , soundcloud, spotify and yeah all like that

also if any of the developers of jellyfin sees this i just wanted to ask what you think about a plugin that lets you stream torrents directly in the jellyfin? i already made a backend torrent system to do this, but im looking at a frontend possibility for it to. But i didnt want to add this plugin to the repository just yet because i dont know if it goes agains some of the core principles of the devlopers or something, so any feedback here would be nice

and last but not least here are some plugins im looking into creating atm
Viafrea, a channel with all the free content available at https://www.viafree.no/.
Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr, Readarr integration in the Dashboard interface, basicly just a iframe to the independent systems
Lyrics grabber, dont know if its possible for jellyfin to show the lyrics to a song but i am working on a plugin to download lyrics for music, music videos
Soundcloud channel
Spotify channel

And yeah if anybody have any wishes for plugins i can try to create please come with them :slight_smile:

btw, sorry for the bad english, its been years since ive written anything this long :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I installed the TubiTV plugin, but not having any luck getting it to actually work.
I see the Tubu library on my homepage, and can click on it and get a breakdown of the different categories. However, if I click on any of them all I see is the spinning circle.

Also, after I initially installed the repository it appears that there are duplicates of all the plugins?
Remember, I’m a noobie and may have gotten something wrong.

Oh lots of love for these. I would love to add tubi, youtube, and some of the other free with ad tv services to my Jellyfin server. Will you also consider trying to make a plug in for crackle and plutoTV? If not I may have to get into the plug in game and start making them. I’ll have to learn though. May do this anyways just for fun. Do you have any docs that you could link? Thanks so much.

The tubitv plugin grabs allot of video information the first time you open a category so give it 5-10minutes the first time and it should stop spinning and bring up some new entertainment.

Thats very strange about the duplicates, probably something i did wrong because i haveno idea how the repository manifest should be so its made from trial and error right now, but il take a look at it and check if there is anything i can do diffrent.

hehe im a noobie myself so no worries, the more we ask the more we can learn

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crackle is not awailable in my region but maybe il get a vpn to check it out,
oh plutoTV looks nice, but same problem there with my region, do you know if its possible to bypass the region check in a simple way?

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I honestly dont know. The VPN would be a start maybe but Ill google around and if I find anything Ill message you. Im still trying to figure out how to actually install an external plug in. I put it in the plug ins folder and restarted the server but no dice. Im sure Im doing something wrong and need to look at some more documentation. Youve inspired me to learn new things. Maybe a reddit post about the region check might bring some folks who know into the mix.

when you go to the jellyfin dashboard “http://localhost:8096/web/index.html#!/dashboard.html” <= if you have a local insttall this should work, go to the Plugins section down on on youre right side, after that you will have a Repositories button at the top off the page to the right side, there you can add the manifest link “https://raw.githubusercontent.com/n0tMaster/n0tFlix-Jellyfin-Manifest/main/n0tFlix-Jellyfin-Plugin-repo.json” and the plugins should be available for you on the catalog page. might be some problems here and there because i really dont know what im doing when im updating this plugin manifest but im getting the plugins listed in my catalog andd the install function works so i hope its gonna work for you to =)

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Thanks mate. I seen that and was wondering if that might be how I could do it. Because drag and dropping the unzipped file didn’t work.

You doing some awesome stuff. You need to give yourself more credit.

I’m only familiar with Python and not . Json files so it looks like I need to learn.


Lol. Got it to load of your repository doing the method you mentioned. Noticed Pornhub. That one is getting used lmao. Thanks.