New user ... migrating from Plex: Audio issues



New user having an issue with audio transcoding when it shouldn’t. I have media files on a windows server, gigabit LAN, and playback through a Nvidia Shield. The TV, Shield, and AVR are all HDCP2.2 compliant for 4K. The Shield supports lossless audio (TrueHD, dts-HD MA) without issue. However, with Jellyfin, my audio is downmixing to DD5.1 and I must be missing something in the settings to resolve this.

Any help?



The apps right now don’t support more advanced playback, so they are transcoding everything - even if the hardware supports it. There’s work going in to having better player support, but it takes time. This is why we haven’t put the Android TV app on the store yet.


Thanks … makes sense. I’ll be patient!

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