Newbie with problem

Been using Jellyfin for about a month and I love it.
However, I would like to be able to use it with a remote control, but have had limited success.
To keep things simple, let’s just focus on keyboard useage to start.

I have version 10.5.5 installed on a PC, and access it thru Chrome.
If I select a movie with my mouse, I have some control over it with the keyboard; pause, play, stop, skip, etc. From the home screen the only thing I can do is scroll up and down; I can’t actually select a movie and start to play it. I tried the navigation commands without success.

When I was trying to set it up with a remote control I kept reading about needing the eHome driver installed, which I don’t have. But I suspect that wouldn’t matter if I’m trying to use a keyboard? I have tried using Jellyfin on WIN 10 and WIN 7 with the same results.

I’m sure it’s something basic that I’m missing; please help get me going.

I think you’ll probably want to set the layout to “TV” instead of auto. This can be found in the User display settings.

  1. Log in to Jellyfin
  2. Click on the user icon at the top right
  3. Go in to Display
  4. Change the Display Mode
  5. Close the browser, open again to Jellyfin

That should probably work better with keyboard commands, and when you decide to use a remote, you can probably “map” it to use keyboard keys.

Thanx so much for getting me going; it was driving me crazy :slight_smile:
Is there a list somewhere of keyboard commands?

Also, when I get around to mapping the remote keys, what is the name/location of the file I need to alter?

No list of keyboard commands, but I believe a bunch of them match YouTube. Also, I have no idea software to use/how to map remote keys. It’s been a loonngggg time since I’ve done that.

When in the TV Display mode, and playing a video, I can select the Subtitle Offset using the remote control. However, I can’t find any way to actually change, the value, plus or minus, without using a mouse?