NextPVR Live TV plugin update issues

When the the NextPVR plugin was added I see that there are odd commits that make having a plugin for Emby and jellyfin harder then necessary to sync. Specifically almost everything here
here adds nothing but a nuisance to a future port. What is he date the Emby code stopped being integrated into jellyfin?



Emby went fully closed source in September 2018, and wasn’t announced until December 2018.

Large crucial parts of it were closed off already for a year prior. The best answer I can give for Jellyfin’s base is a mix of 3.5.2 and May 2018.

You should also know that we had very quickly changed a lot of the internal structure - including a switch to standardized logging, a non custom webserver (Kestrel) and more. This meant a lot of changes to the interfaces for plugins, which is largely what you see in that commit.

I guess what I’m trying to say is - it’s very difficult to maintain compatibility with Emby, and enough so that we haven’t tried. I welcome any improvements you’d like to make :slight_smile:

They made so many custom and abstracted interfaces that we gained performance by replacing it with standardized components in many cases. If you stop by in our dev chat, we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have:

Ok thanks that makes it clearer. I will wait to see if there is any demand and I can submit a new plugin. I think upgrading the server to support the DateOffset would have been better then going back to working with DateTime.


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