No more 32bits (x86) versions?

I’m a beginner on Jellyfin since I used Emby from years. But for some reasons, I left Emby to join Jellyfin Recently.

I began with Jellyfin 10.5.5 as a portable server on a micro-PC (Atom z37xx based) with 4To HDD wich can run only x86 (32bits) windows acting as a NAS. Until then, everything was good.

But, it seems the latest build (10.6.x and up) of Jellyfin exist only for x64 (64bits) Windows.

So my questions :

  • Does x86 builds (10.6.x and up) exist somewhere ?

  • Does the devs plan to continue to develop for windows x86 (32bits) ?

We don’t do 32 bit builds of the server as far as I’m aware. I believe this was part of the migration to .net core, could be way off base with that one though.

There was a reddit post where this was discussed further:

Have you considered Linux. I’m running the latest Jellyfin on Raspberry OS 32-bit (Pi 4).