No Real IP in the logs

I run jellyfin 10.4.3 via an nginx reverse proxy from a subpath. I used the official documentation and changed
proxy_pass to proxy_pass
and added
proxy_redirect default;
proxy_redirect / /jellyfin/;

Everything is running fine except that the logs and the dashboard under activitiy only shows the IP address “”.

In nginx I have set the following globally in nginx.conf:

set_real_ip_from ::1;
real_ip_header X-Forwarded-For;
real_ip_recursive on;

I absolutely need the real IP addresses trying to log in because I want to secure the instance via fail2ban.

My Nextcloud for example logs the real IP addresses.
Why does it not work with jellyfin?

Unfortunately, I don’t believe jellyfin reads real ip header yet. I use traefik and I see the real ip addresses so I’m not sure what you’re missing but it’s definitely possible

Are you connecting to jellyfin from an external network and have port forwarded on your router?