Not able to find server

Hi. Up until about 2 weeks ago, I was able to use jellyfin on Roku just fine. Now, when I enter the ip address (which works on ipad,pc and android phone) it tells me that “Server not found. Is it online?”

I use http://myipaddress:8096
I’m using version 1.3 of Jellyfin (accordig the Roku store).



There’s not been an update to the Roku client in many weeks now, so nothing should have changed in the last couple of weeks. The same IP address works ok from a computer on the same network as the Roku box?

Yes, I can connect to everything else with that same ip address, just not to my roku version of jellyfin.

I’m sure you’ve checked, but always worth asking. Your Roku device is definitely still on the network and you can access other IP resources? (Roku store, etc?)

Yes, I can connect to everything else. Jellyfin is the only thing not working. I even re-installed plex, just for a trial, it worked, but I much prefer Jellyfin.


I am having the same issue! I can connect with everything but Roku. it says server not found, is it online?