NSIS based Windows Installer


Hey folks, I believe Jellyfin deserves a better windows installation process than unzip, install.bat and “Terrible Jellyfin Installer” I have some experience with NSIS and believe I can create a basic one.
I wanted to check if this has been thought of/objections ?

More details:
NSIS is Windows based installer, created by the Winamp team, is free, highly configurable with quick learning curve and easy to maintain - https://nsis.sourceforge.io/Main_Page
In my view - build-jellyfin.ps1 can be updated to use command line NSIS compiler with a config file to generate a single package file for technically challenged windows end users to click-click install in a more “Windows” fashion.
The config would pretty much replicate install-jellyfin.ps1 but a bit nicer looking.


Yes, we absolutely want to replace those temporary solutions with something better. There was a thought to replacing it when .NET Core 3 comes about, which would give us the ability to get a single packed executable.

In the meanwhile though, I do seem to like this idea. Would you be able to make this an issue on our GitHub repo?


Done… here https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin/issues/1506.
Might need some rewording :slight_smile:

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Hey @anthonylavado, I’ve got the build changes done, working on replicating install script to NSIS script. That’s the tricky bit, might take sometime.

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