Nvidia shield server

Hi all, so I was looking in to moving away from plex to jellyfin, is it true Jellyfin server can’t be run on nvidia shield directly? new to this.

Yes I don’t think you can run the server on there, only the client. Do you run the plex server on the shield currently?

Yes i do, but was looking for a free full client

You can run the android tv client on an nvidia shield but you’d have to run the Jellyfin server somewhere else

@Jondi11 To confirm what @TrueTechy has said, it is not possible to run the server in an nVidia Shield at this time. It must be run on a computer of some kind. You can use the Shield to watch content from that server though.

As it turns out, running the server there is a very difficult task that we don’t have the capability to do right now.