OMV 5 with Jellyfin in a Portainer container, transcoding issue

Hi everbody,

I’m new so probably my issue was not worth struggling for four days… But’s best way learning it :wink:

I build a NAS with my Raspberry 3 model B and installed Portainer so i could install Jellyfin in a {Portainer container.

I first started with Emby but now want to switch to Jellyfin. In Emby i don’t have transcoding issues with my video’s but on Jellyfin i can’t play all the files… It stuck on HW acceleration / transcoding of MKV files

Off course i tried al the options (omx should be standard for RPI) within the Dashboard but without success. Anybody a Idea what i did wrong?

The stack in Portainer i build is as follow:

version: “2.1”
image: linuxserver/jellyfin:latest
container_name: jellyfin
- PUID=998
- PGID=100
- TZ=Europe/Amsterdam
- /srv/dev-disk-by-label-HDNAS/Config/Jellyfin:/config
- /srv/dev-disk-by-label-HDNAS/Series:/data/Series
- /srv/dev-disk-by-label-HDNAS/Films:/data/Movies
- /srv/dev-disk-by-label-HDNAS/Muziek:/data/Muziek
- /opt/vc/lib:/opt/vc/lib
- /dev/vchiq:/dev/vchiq
- /dev/video10:/dev/video10
- /dev/video11:/dev/video11
- /dev/video12:/dev/video12
- 8096:8096
restart: unless-stopped

I hope anyone can help me.


Have you run these commands?

sudo usermod -aG video jellyfin
sudo systemctl restart jellyfin

Open the config.txt file
sudo nano /boot/config.txt

and add the line below:

sudo reboot

and run this command:
sudo vcgencmd get_mem arm && sudo vcgencmd get_mem gpu

I dont know how your setup it working and the gpu mem is for raspberry pi 3, i have a rpi4 and mine is 320 mb, but i also godt 4 GB of ram…


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I tried to run the above commands sudo usermod -aG video jellyfin ect. And increased the GPU to 256 but my Pi is not recognizing the command… sudo usermod -aG video jellyfin. I suppose to run it in de Linux environment and not in the Docker/portainer (else how to do it)?

How to add the Jellyfin service user to the video group to allow Jellyfin’s FFMpeg process access to the encoder? That’s the message I get when I run Sudo usermod -aG video jellyfin
Spend allready 18 hours and still not working :frowning:

It’s working now… I changed something within the openmediavaulth permissions (ACL) and now its running smooth ;-0 Trial & error… thanks for the tips :slight_smile: