Playback error no compatible stream

Chassis: SuperMicro K1 (mineNAS)
CPU: Intel i3-7100T
MEM: Kingston DDR4 2400 8G*2
SSD: Intel 180G *1
OS: OMV 5 ( base on debian 10 64b )

Jellyfin Android can play 1080P video, but can’t play 4K video.
Will prompt: playback error no compatible stream
What is the problem?

Do you have transcoding disabled for the user you’re trying the playback with? I’ve had this issue before if the user can’t transcode and the format isn’t supported by the device

playback setting…

That’s the transcoding settings for the server. Each user has transcoding settings. Under the profile tab in the user settings you’ll find the following settings

perhaps one of these is unticked for the user you’re having problems with ?

I have the same problem but on android cell phone and tablet , same issue , any sugestion ?

Did you check the user you’re trying to play with settings as I mentioned above?

i cant find this screenshots on my phone or computer pc