Plugins Are Not Creating Config


i am running the latest JF in a Docker Container. Everything is working fine except the Plugins Kodi Sync and TMDB box sets. When i activate them and restart the JF container they show up in the plugin folder. When i navigate to the kodi sync plugin on the JF webinterface to configure it, i can see a spinning circle and thats it. Nothing else happens and there is no config in the configuration folder of the docker container being created.

The same with the TMDB box sets plugin.

I do have the LDAP and email plugin active and they are working.

my stuff: ubuntu server 18.04, 18.09.7,

Any ideas on that?

kind regards,

Ok it seems to work now at least for the TMDB Box Sets plugin. But the Kodi Sync plugin still has the issue.

Could someone send me the config content of the plugin please.

Currently all i have in there is

"xml version=“1.0”?>

thank you

Probably related to: Unable to save settings #1881
They are working on it: Fix GetPathValue function #2008

My Jellyfin.Plugin.KodiSyncQueue.xml (%localappdata%\jellyfin\plugins\configurations\Jellyfin.Plugin.KodiSyncQueue.xml)

 <?xml version="1.0"?>
 <PluginConfiguration xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" />