Problem with symbolic link in windows

Hi all.
I use docker to mount my jellyfin server and several of my folders are located in different disks so I use symbolic links and it work just fine.

But today it not work, jellyfin can see the folder but not the symbolic links, any idea?

In /media I have some folders and several symbolic links to folders in another disk.


I seem to think that we had a bug a while ago, but it has since been fixed. Depending on how you have installed Jellyfin, it may be a permissions issue with the files.

Did you do a basic install (tray app), or the advanced install (service)?

I just update to the latest docker version jellyfin/jellyfin and create a new container in my windows 10.
In my previous container it work for months and suddenly maybe after a windows restart or a docker update stop to view the symbolic links.