Questions about jellyfin from a Plex user

Hi Guys,

I have a few questions about jellyfin, I realise jellyfin is still in beta so I understand something may not exist yet.

Firstly, can someone confirm jellyfin does not direct play files and does not support HD audio like True HD and DTS MA HD?

Secondly, how does jellyfin collections work? I like that it pulls metadata information about the collection, Plex can’t do that. Does jellyfin collections only work for movies and not tv shows? Whenever I add tv shows to a collection jellyfin seems to think they’re movies.

Also, with collections can they appear in the movie or tv show library and the collection items are accessed from the collection in the library entry. It seems the collections are only accessible from the collections library themselves.

Finally, with specials in tv shows they can be assigned to be view prior to an episode or after a season, can they be assigned to be view after an episode? Use case, delete scenes for an episode should be viewed after the episode instead of prior to the next episode. Minor point but, if I stop watching after an episode with a deleted scene and then restart watching another day, at the moment the delete scene will play before the next episode.

It’s great currently to be able to assign them prior to an episode, for things like episode trailers.

Thats all, hopefully someone can answer.

Thanks jellyfin Devs,


It can direct play files, depending on client/client support. I haven’t tested Dolby True HD or DTS MS HD though. What client(s) are you trying to use?

It’s only possible for movies right now. You can either group manually, or have it group for you. Grouping is better with the TMDB Box Set plug-in. Essentially, TheMovieDB has metadata that identifies something as being part of a series, and we use that.

I thought this setting was on by default? Go to the Dashboard, then Library>Display. Enable the collection setting there.

I don’t think this is a feature at the moment. Would you be able to add it to ?

Thanks for replying.

I am using an NVIDIA Shield. Jellyfin reports as direct play but my avr is not receiving a HD audio signal, just a standard 5.1 signal. When playing through Plex the avr gets the HD audio.

I’ll have a look at that plugin and look at the settings.

Ok I’ll request it as a feature.

Thanks again.