Re API: Is there a long-term memory of what Live TV programs have been recorded?

I’m looking for a way to find out if Jellyfin has ever recorded a particular program/episode in the past. The “LiveTV/Recordings” API call seems to only return those programs currently sitting in the recordings collection waiting for playback. Is there another way?

If I have to create my own mechanism for remembering what’s being recorded, what is a good data element to use as a unique key for a program/episode? Is the program’s Id something that persists over time? If a program shows up as a rerun in the program guide data five years from now will it have the same program Id that it has now?

Or should I be constructing something unique of my own, like a combination of the program title, season number and episode number maybe?

Thanks for any insights.

For background, I have a script that searches the current program guide data and asks Jellyfin to record any programs that match a list of search expressions. I want to be able to tell if a given program has been recorded at some point in the past, so that my script doesn’t ask for it to be recorded again. This is a feature set that MythTV has and I’m trying to recreate it for Jellyfin.