Restore metadata

Hey guys,

Just wondering, I have recently been through my libary and got it all how I liked (took me days to do). However I have now changed my media paths so all my media is being rescanned meing the metadata is being restored to default (how it was scraped originally)

I did do a backup of all of the jf data, so I was wondering is there an easy way to restore my metadata whilst having the new paths to the files?


As far as I know it’s not possible - the library is very tied to path. You might be able to do something with the database, but it’ll be so mixed up with GUIDs that I don’t recommend it.

We’re working on improving the database to be more resilient, but that takes a long time to do in (safe) stages.

Is there anyway that I can manually modify the path that it looks for existing media (like an xml file or anything) as prior I had JF looking at 3hdds where as now I have a RAID array so it would be super simple to do a search and replace to change the search paths??

Which operating system are you running Jellyfin under? If it’s Linux, you can simply create extra mountpoints with the same names as you previously used - then Jellyfin will think the files are still in the same place.

It’s Debian under a docker, tbh I would rather do it proper than tryna bodge it. Sadly it looks like I gotta redo it all :grimacing:

If it’s any consolation, I’ll be in the same boat in a few days. Moving from a NAS for storage and a VM on an old server for Jellyfin, to a larger new server which has room for many more drives than the NAS could house. It’s going to be “fun” moving many terabytes of files, then re-scanning it all :woozy_face:

I feel for ya, and sure is. Took around 8hrs straight to do my movies, on TV shows now lol. :tired_face: