Roku - Interface Controls

Curious if anyone is working on, or is there a plan on, making a similar interface used on Emby, Plex, and the Web interface for the Roku app? Im a long term Emby user and didn’t know they went to close source until the other day when i went to do something and bam couldn’t do it (i dont do custom things to often). Found Jellyfin and decided to stand up a server and start switching, but when i went to use the Jellyfin Roku app it didnt have the small interface you see at the bottom with options for controlling the video that is common to almost all other apps. Dont get me wrong it works, but some more of the common functionality ive gotten use to is not there. Anyone planning to use mod it to do this?

On that comment anyone have a good link for Roku app development? When i get time if no one is doing this i might step my toe in after i finish the course im in.

Roku apparently has a decent video course now, but their documentation is the only thing I’ve found thus far.

Would you be able to share an example of what you’re describing in other apps? Roku specifically, if you can. We only have one volunteer who works on our Roku channel, and from talking to him I know we use the “standard” Roku player to try and avoid any issues.

The picture below is an example of what im talking about. Both Emby and Plex have a similar interface. They both also use the built in Roku control as well. You have to hit the up or down arrow to get this to show, but it adds functionality. Mostly for Music, TV Shows, and/or play lists it allows you to enable Closed Caption (CC) and forward to the next track/episode. Plus random tidbits that me and my wife debate all the time like air date and length.

The Roku control down provide this just the bar showing the progress as you fast-forward/rewind or pause/play

When i’m done with my class i’ll go find my spare Roku4 to figure out how to program the roku stuff, since the github has some good walkthroughs on getting the code and uploading it.

Okay. Interesting. Yeah, I think the focus has thus far been on making sure that playback works as best as possible, while leaving the options under the * button for the meanwhile.
@neilsb is a saint for having gotten us this far :slight_smile:

So the progress bar and info that you are talking about it called “trickplay” in Roku (before you ask, I have no idea). You have the choice of using their default one (as Jellyfin currently does) or implementing your own from scratch which is what most other players do.

This is certainly planned for Jellyfin, but there are just so many things to tackle that this is not top of the list (yet). It should not be particularly difficult to put in place however.

If you’re looking to help out that would be brilliant - as people willing to deal with the pain of Roku development seem thin on the ground. I only started looking at it earlier this year so I’m definitely still learning too. The new Roku Video course is available here if you’re interested. And if you have any questions then just hit me up.