Samsung Smart TV App

Hello everyone, this Server is amazing, I´m waiting the app for Samsung, some new about it?

We’re working with Samsung to release it. It’ll come when that’s done.

Any new status on this?

Not at this time. Still in progress with some code changes.

This is the only thing holding me back from switching over from Plex. Love Jellyfin but I need the Samsung app in my life.

Will it be out later this year?

This is such a great FREE app, thank you very much. Please any time frame on Samsung Tizen client…really can’t live without it Lol

Hey guys. Jellyfin’s FOSS, you can contribute coding if you want. Remember our DEVS do this on their spare time and cause they love the project.

Having said that, you can use DLNA, just make sure it’s turned on on the server side (dashboard --> DLNA --> Enable DLNA Play To)

PD: You may need to change some DLNA profiles, this is easy. If you can’t pause / fast forward content on your tv, it means it’s transcoding.

In my case, my tv could play that content, but jellyfin believed it couldn’t. Just go to profiles (inside DLNA) --> click on “Samsung Smart tv” and add / remove what your tv cant and cannot play natively