Samsung Tizen client and WS NAS

Hi all, I hope this is the right place to ask

I love this project and it works on my NAS with Docker. However, I loose the energy saving feature.
Is there any plans to build Jellyfin bin application for NAS?

I really want to migrate from Plex to Jellyfin, but I have Samsung TV with very limited browser that crashes all the time
Is there a roadmap for Tizen client? I can see that is under development

Thanks in advance- great project!!

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No idea about that, sorry

There is one, but it ain’t published yet. You have to download and install it, which is difficult.
As you said, the team is working on it. I own a samsung tv too, and in the meantime I use DLNA. You just make sure it’s turned on on the server side (dashboard --> DLNA --> Enable DLNA Play To)

PD: You may need to change some DLNA profiles, this is easy. If you can’t pause / fast forward content on your tv, it means it’s transcoding.
In my case, my tv could play that content, but jellyfin believed it couldn’t. Just go to profiles (inside DLNA) --> click on “Samsung Smart tv” and add / remove what your tv cant and cannot play natively