Scanning Media Comparison with Plex


This is just for information:

I have both Plex and Jellyfin dockers running on same physical server both pointing to the same content!

The metadata is Fully Up-To-Date under both dockers!

Assuming all scans have been recently run with NO EXTRA MEDIA added since the prev scan:-

Plex - Scan: 8 minutes
JellyFin - Scan 72 minutes.

If I add more media then similar times apply!

Now - 100% not a complaint - The end product looks gorgeous!!!


Yeah, we know we definitely have work to do here.

We’re still using mostly the same processes as Emby, which is to launch an FFprobe to get file info, then use that to help us get metadata from online sources, etc. We have to look at how Plex is doing this to see what we can build on.

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