Sending video source and getting trancoded content

Is there a way to use jellyfin as transcoding agent? When one could send local path to video file with parameters via jellyfin api, and get in return a transcoding stream that one could use outside jellyfin ecosystem (jellyfin client).

ex. you have a local server webpage
you have video not added to jellyfin
you send link to that file via webpage to jellyfin api
jellyfin access file (that is not added to jellyfin db)
start to transcode it based on parameters (timestart, device)
jellyfin send url with stream manifest to webpage
webpage serve it thru simple video player

I understand that this is probably not possible in current version, but is the structure and interfaces in jellyfin allow to such behavior via plugin system or this is not even possible thru plugins ?

Honestly at that point you’re just looking for some custom scripts with a front end for FFmpeg - no need to involve Jellyfin.

I’m not sure of any off hand, but something has to exist.

Yeah, I’m creating one, but to be honest I would prefer using well known and stable solution that I could join together. It would be simpler to setup jellyfin and add plugin :slight_smile: than deploying custom script build.

So I assume that this is not possible within real of jellyfin ?

No sorry, we don’t have the interface to transcode things available to plug-ins.

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Even if the answer is negative I would like to thank you for having time to answer me.

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