Sincere Thank You

I have been searching for a Media Player that would work in my RV. The problem I always ran into was Plex needed an Internet connections. Emby seemed to work on the “free” plan, but friends weren’t allowed to connect up unless I bought the upgraded version (which I would think would need an internet connection to authenticate). Then along comes Jellyfin. It checks off everything I wanted:

1 Work without Internet
2 Free/Open Source
3 Has app for the Firestick (This is important because I have had trouble getting the Roku to work without an internet connection)

If this works like I think it will, be ready for a fair amount of RV-ers to check it out!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Thanks and welcome! I’d never really thought about RV implementations, but that seems like exactly the sort of place where it would be great to have media but not have an Internet connection. If you write a blog post we’d be happy to share it!

You have no idea how many different combinations I have gone through to get it to work the way I want. This weekend will be the test for Jellyfin as I won’t have any Internet at all. I just might write something up. This is a quick descritpion of what I am trying to accomplish:

Use a Firestick or Roku to watch items on a local media server in the RV
I wanted this option over Raspberry Pis because it is a cleaner install (less wires etc). And, there are traditional remotes.

The Roku just never wanted to work correctly without Internet. Sometimes it would boot, sometimes not. It would complain of no Internet Access
So I moved to a Firestick. It would still complain that it can’t get to the homescreen but would still allow you to get to your apps and run them. So I thought, Perfect!
Then Plex decided to bitch about no internet also. I went through all the write-ups to allow it to work without internet but it was flaky at best. So I shelved the project for 6 months.

Then I came across Emby. Everyone said it didn’t need Internet Access. So I tested it out. It worked great with The Firestick…until a friend wanted to watch from his Iphone. Then it wanted you to pay. I am sure at that point, it would ALSO have to authenticate.

Along comes Jellyfin. It seems like a perfect fit. Apps on the Firestick. No phone home ever. Etc. I can’t wait to test it this weekend.

My setup works as follows.
NAS at home with all of my media on it (I stream from this if I am at home)
RV Media server loaded with Jellyfin.
When I am camping, I boot up an old Linksys Wireless Router. It has a 1 ft ehternet cable into the Jellyfin server that assigns it a static IP. Watch content
When I get home, I power up ONLY the Jellyfin Server, it connects to a special SSID at my house and then runs an RSYNC to grab any new content that may be on my NAS. So when I go out with the RV it is an exact mirror or what I have at home, everytime.