Skin support? (more than custom CSS)


I thought I saw a post or issue about this but can’t find it at the moment.

Are there are plans to let users make HTML skin changes? More than just having a custom CSS file.

I ask because I have an old hardware player (Popcorn Hour A-100) that supports direct play on a wide variety of files, but needs some custom HTML tags and attributes to have an interface that’s more than just directory listings. I’m considering a couple different ways to get a nicer UI, building a client to talk to JF API, modifying my current HTML jukebox generator to read the JF NFO files. But if there were any plans for custom skins it would get me that much closer to done. I just don’t want to start done one path when there might be a better one coming soon.

JF would have to support the standard skin(for all the normal JF clients) and a 2nd skin at the same time for my needs.

Thanks for all the Jellyfin!

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I don’t know that there’s plans for custom HTML skins, but there is an eventual goal to fully separate the “web” interface from the main server. This is a loooong way off though.

Right now, I’d say your best bet is to watch the APIClient repos. Work is happening to stabilize them, then you could build a client off that.