Smartphone and IP

i installed the app on my smartphone through google play. When I opened the app the first time, it asked to connect to my server. I wrote my server number but it always gave an error. I have tried several but always mistake.
I don’t know what number the app asks for so I had to give up and uninstall the app. It’s a lot of confusion.
Does anyone have any idea which server the app wants?
Many Thanks

Can you give us an idea of what number you’re trying to give the app? You dont need to give us the whole thing… just maybe the first few digits or so.

EX: or

I tried several. The first was what starts with. IPv4: 192.168.0.
As this one gave error, I tried two more: Subnet Mask 255.255. and Default Gateway 192.168. but also they gave error.

My idea was to install jell, first on my smartphone and then install it on my android box.
But as I can’t on the smartphone, in the android box it will also be difficult.

Thank you so much

Ok, how did you install the server?

when I open the app it asks for the server name. I typed the numbers I sent - I tried them all - but it was always wrong.
Is there another number or name that I have to insert?

That’s what we need to figure out. How did you install jellyfin? Is it in docker? On Linux? Have you set up the server in the web browser yet?

This one works. Replace the .2 with your own.

Hi, thanks but I couldn’t.
I replaced the 2 with my number, tried other combinations but still it was not possible.
It always gives error. I was still checking the windows command if the server name was correct and everything is ok.
It could be another problem.
I think I’m going to give up. :worried:

Just a thought… is your phone connected to Wifi and/or 4G.

Can you access the address in your webbrowser on your phone? And does it work on your pc?

in my house my cell phone is connected by wifi as well as two portable computers.
We have another laptop computer that belongs to my wife, this is connected to the cable network.
Regarding the address, I don’t know what address you are referring to.
I just installed the app on the phone and tried to enter the server.
I haven’t tried anything on the computer.
Best Regards

By address i mean the URL to your jellyfin-server, like

Did you install jellyfin on your server?
On your server, open a browser and type localhost:8096 - Can you access jellyfin there?

Also, did you allow incoming traffic through your servers firewall on port 8096?

If your server is working, you can click the “choose server” in the app, to find the IP.
Here’s a screenshot from my phone.

I tried today to access that address (,
I changed the 2 for my number but I didn’t do it. The page did not open.
The message that appears says “it is not possible to access this address”.
It must be a problem with my network or the router.
Many Thanks