Spinning Circle on Users Tab in Dashboard

Last week the login prompt disappeared and left me with no way to login with my Admin Account. I only had the option of one NonAdmin user profile thumbnail to click on to login and enter Jellyfin. I finally used the DB Browswer/SQLite and gave Admin priv. to this user so that I could get back in. This has worked but something isn’t right. On the dashboard when I click on Users in the left pane I just get a spinning circle in the right pane. I do have the ‘Users PLUS sign and HELP buttons’ at the top and I can add new users and that works fine but I cannot see the users or delete users or edit users. All I get is a spinning circle. Any advice? If I can use DB Browser to delete users I’d take that too. But I’d rather it work right as it makes me nervous to add more movies because I’m wondering if the thing is going to full on hose me soon.