Sponser a Fix (compensation for time)

I’d like to have a POLL of say the top 100 issues and allow the community to donate money to a particular fix…

We all donate money to a particular issue and if any dev implements a fix for that issue he/she takes the “pot” associated for that fix.

We all understand that this is opensource but it takes time and skill to resolve these issues and I have no problems donating towards your time as I lack the skillset in programming to help but I can donate money!

Would people be willing to donate towards their particular issues?

What we got to lose?

Thoughts? Opinions?



THe idea above is still a good one I think

Just found this link to donate

So I donated. (You guys should advertise this link more…

@Choakem Thank you for donating! We do appreciate it. We recognIze we don’t do a good job of “promoting” the link, but the reason kind of relates to what you mention in this thread here.

However, we don’t intend to use any of the donations towards a “bounty” or “sponsored fix”. There’s several reasons, but most importantly it’s part of an effort to keep everything fair and as equally important as possible.

We will however, use the funds for infrastructure, running costs, and testing costs. For example, our release hosting and build servers cost a certain amount each month, as does access to the OMDB API at the rates we use it, etc.

I hope you and others understand - we just want to be very careful about setting a precedent here, and we’re new to this Open Source/Free Software stuff after all. We use the software ourselves, and that is our motivation for improvements.