Star Wars skipping first chapter

Hi, Linux Jellyfin 10.6.4 on CentOS 7 installed via RPM here.

I’ve just barely started ripping BD’s with makemkv, and the first several titles work beautifully in Jellyfin.

I got to my Star Wars collection for episodes 1-6, and for some reason they all start playing on chapter 2, skipping the fox/lucasfilm/textcrawl and the first minute or two of action. Playing the title on VLC starts at the beginning as would be expected. I tried both as a BDMV folder and an MKV file. Both work on VLC as expected, but start in the same place which looks to be the start of the second chapter of the main title on Jellyfin.

Ok, so a little more information on this. It appears that this may be because the fox/lucasfilm/textcrawl/1st chapter are in one “title” according to makemkv, and the rest of the movie is in another “title”. I was able to get the intro to play in Jellyfin with makemkv, but it shows up in Jellyfin as two separate movies (intro and rest of movie).

What’s the standard way of handling this? Am I supposed to be merging these titles somehow before loading into Jellyfin?

Anyway, I’d prefer BDMV folders (or ISO file) over MKV, but both are having the same problem anyway (exhibited different ways).

Oh wow, upon further research, maybe this is why –

Star wars is somewhat unique due to the opening text crawl – they have like 10 different “angles” which are actually just different language versions of the text crawl. Looks like makemkv by default chose to rip title 0 (the menu screen), title 10 (the english version of the text crawl) and title 11 (the rest of the movie). I think I need to rip title 1 instead (looks like maybe that’s going to be the english “angle” with crawl+movie), so I’m going to try that right now and we’ll see how that goes.

In any case, since I’d prefer BDMV folders or ISO anyway, is there any way to force jellyfin on which title number it should play by default? Maybe I could tell it to play title 1 for the star wars movies and that would solve my problem.