Starting API Changelog

Can we start and keep a running log of changes to the API?

For instance, it seems the DELETE /Users/{ID} endpoint was recently removed. Still listed in documentation, but not listed in swagger.json and not working on call.

Would it be possible to have the documentation generated from the swagger files? Any point in looking into this?

I don’t recall us making any breaking API changes to this endpoint, but I could be mistaken. We’re deliberately trying to avoid a lot of big changes until we’re ready to hit version 11, with a database migration along the way.

The only change I know of to date - if you send the field “Password”, which used to be a pre hashed password, it returns a 403(?). We only take “Pw” in clear text.

So it looks like it’s here?

Method is failing on multiple installations of Jellyfin server (latest LinuxServer Docker image).
Previously working method now returns:
“Input string was not in a correct format.”
As I said, a “delete user” does not exist in swagger.json

I’ve just tested a curl against 10.4.3 and nightly (both Debian bare metal installs) and it worked.

curl -X "DELETE" localhost:8096/users/b22e698191704d98ae0f23a1d4e464b7?api_key=c774494b03154fb2af10fba838312f7a

User disappeared right away.

Edit: We will look at the swagger part, but as far as we can tell, this should be working. Haven’t tried our own Docker image or the images though.