Store data related to videos

I want to attempt to contribute new features to Jellyfin but I am not very familiar with the code base. I want to store data related to certain videos. How can I go about this without interfering with the database or needing a rebuild of it?

What kind of data are you wanting to store?

Sorry i forgot about this. I was wanting to look into starting some kind of intro skipping mechanic. Storing when the client should show the skip intro button and the point the client should skip to. Im familiar enough with SQL database and would rather not have to add columns to existing tables if its not necessary.

I can’t really think of any way that would be feasible to implement without altering the database in some way. In which case you might want to wait until after the library db has been migrated to efcore, as it should be much easier to work with at that time.

The one alternative I see right now is making it into a plugin and running a separate database (something the Kodi Sync Queue plugin currently does), but this obviously isn’t ideal. I’m also not entirely sure if a plugin would be capable of changing UI elements to show the skip button.