.strm Playback Issue (Video in Music Library)

Hello. I am just starting with Jellyfin, running in a Docker container on a Synology NAS. I’m able to add and play the movie and music files I’ve added to my media libraries just fine in Jellyfin.

What I was trying to achieve is - I have some “box set” music albums that are multi disc and contain video as well as music files. I have the folder structure broken up by disc, with a video (.m4v) file in one of the folders. As expected, this file does not show up under music. I thought possibly to add an .strm file with just a local path (./my_file.m4v) right next to the actual video file. Indeed this did work to add it under the album listing in Jellyfin, but when trying to actually play it I’m receiving:

“There was an issue with the client profiling and the server isn’t sending a compatible media format.”

In the logs I am seeing the following:
“System.Exception: ffprobe failed - streams and format are both null.
at MediaBrowser.MediaEncoding.Encoder.MediaEncoder.GetMediaInfoInternal…”

There are also several “Profile: “Unknown Profile”, No direct play profiles found” messages, but from other posts I’ve come across that may be normal?

To rule out any issue with the .strm file, I tried playing this is Kodi, and that does work. I also tried various “http://” URLs in the .strm file to audio and video from Wikipedia and the like. These also all play fine in Kodi, but still do not work from Jellyfin.

From what I’ve searched for, it seems .strm files should work, but I have not seen a good example of adding video to the music library. If I’m going about this wrong, or if someone might know what’s behind this, I’d welcome any guidance.


I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried Music Videos yet, but I will now! Does it work if you have the video file copied in to a working disc folder?

No, still not playing if I move the video file to another disc folder (that contained working music files). Any luck with your attempt?