Subtitles on iOS not visible

As a new user of JellyFin, subtitles are causing me headaches on my iPhone. Embedded subtitles obviously have problems in the app (not showing at all), and external too (if the movie is transcoded). Are there any quick fix/workaround for this perhaps?
The subtitles are detected by JellyFin but simple not displayed under certain conditions.
I’m running JellyFin on my Synology DS918+ NAS in a Docker-container (if that should matter…)

Welcome @oRBIT!

What are you using for playback? The iOS app or Safari? I know there are issues with subtitles if you use the “fullscreen” interface. Could you provide some media information for the media that are causing you issues? Specifically the subtitle formats.


These are the results using the JellyFin iOS app (latest version at the time I write this…).
Sourcefile = MKV with embedded subtitles

  1. Direct play (auto quality) = subtitles work
  2. With transcoding = No subtitles (SRT/UTF-8)

Sourcefile = MKV with external subtitles (SRT)
Neither transcoded or direct play (auto quality) gives subtitles, well. with transcoding activated it actually gave me subtitles one time (but not the next I tried)…