Support the Development of Jellyfin


Anywhere else??

not off-topic but doesn’t fit elsewhere…


In terms of money - no, that’s it.

But we need more - we need your time :wink:


Yeah but that’s using a Microsoft owned entity and I still have open wounds no matter how much they :heart: linux or add to the upstream. I hold a grudge and that’s one I’ll never let go :slight_smile:

But it also relates to my other post, github isn’t really a user space, this site, discourse could be, so focus could be directed at us numpties. And having the guides here (and linked from within jellyfin) would/should increase interactions. If you link directly to mkdocs no matter where it’s hosted that won’t help grow the community as well as here.


Which projects do you take issue with?

GitHub? .NET Core? Read the Docs? MkDocs?

Only two of them are owned by Microsoft and the third is only sponsored for hosting by Azure.

MkDocs Teams is like partially RedHat and some other OSS devs.


To edit I need a github account. So I’m not allowed to not like using MS products it is that what your saying?? I apologise.


No it’s just that your post was not very clear as to what the issue was.

And yes you would need a GitHub account to commit yes.