Tautulli fork for Jellyfin?

Hello there and happy New Year to all of you!

I’m sure you know Tautulli a monitoring and tracking tool for Plex.
It’s great and very usefull.
There is a plan to integrate it on Jellyfin ?
The code is open source and It will be great to have it on Jellyfin.
For know i’ve playback reporting installed, and its better than nothing but it’s ugly and very basic.

Thanks for reading

Hello there , there 's someone here ? :smiley:

People have been asking for a fork of Tautulli for Emby for years, and it never materialized. The closest thing is https://github.com/mregni/EmbyStat, but I’m not sure what it’s current compatibility with Jellyfin is.

Créator of Emby stats says the 13 Jan 2020 :

“Started implementing Jellyfin support and I got a long way already. But it seems that Jellyfin is not supporting ItemQueries without user id. So I have to wait for a fix on JF before I can release the Jellyfin support.”
(Link here : https://github.com/mregni/EmbyStat/issues/1039)

Someone know where we are about that ?

Maybe someone in charge of Jellyfin knows how to move forward ?
I’m sure it would bring a great improvement to Jellyfin.